Business Coaching

Successful Business Innovation -Focused on the Future

Description: Rapid Change, Globalization, Sophisticated Customers, Great Competition and the thread of economic downturn, are all pressing companies, to be more innovative. They must develop new products, services and processes to survive and they must create better value to grow the business. This program focuses on future trends and how to develop successful strategies for innovation.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Applications For More Effective Marketing

Description: Obviously, business owners know that, digital marketing, is no longer secondary, to traditional print marketing and advertising and is a great way for them to get more bang for their marketing bucks. Therefore, to get the best results, it’s important to keep up with digital marketing & social media trends and applications.

Leading High Performance Teams for Increased Productivity and Continuous Improvement

Description: This dynamic and highly practical program focuses on developing the ability of managers, section heads and team leaders to get the most of out of people. Through role plays and group work they will learn and practice the latest techniques and styles which are most directly relevant and applicable to the modern team management situation.

Performance Management Workshop-The Key Challenge for Every Manager

Description: The workshop will help delegates to improve their knowledge Skills and attitudes in respect of the performance management of their staff. In an era of unprecedented change ,organizations must be re-engineered .If they are to succeed, their new foundations will be their greatest resource: people

Empowering The Customer Service Team

Description: This course will help transforming your managers ,supervisors and team leaders into motivating and facilitating force. They will learn how to tap into the potential of your front line staff. They will understand how this potential can be harnessed into positive force for customer care.

The Pillars for Success for Transformation & Motivation

Description: Pillars of Success are the Key Critical Components that will help you to achieve your goals .
Success Requires a combination of many different elements as :Emotions, Habits, Skills & Strengths, Motivation, Mindset etc, that must come together in a specific way. With the use of IQ Matrix Mind Mapping we activate all these factors (The Pillars of Success)which are necessary to put in alignment all the necessary elements, which will be leading to change, growth and success.

Time Management & Mind Mapping for Personal Efficiency & Creativity

Description: Mind Mapping is a tool of Time Management, for recording thinks in a mindful, visual way. It helps organize thoughts ,ideas, time and actions and is a formidable tool for generating new ideas.

The Importance of Soft Skills In Accounting

Description: The role of an accountant has changed, from someone who traditionally had little business interaction with their clients, to more of an advisory role.

As the use of technology in accounting increases and compliance is outsourced, firms are looking to focus more on offering advisory services to their clients

Workplace Coach Training

Description: The main objective, of the Workplace Coach Training is to provide, through Vibrant and Interactive Techniques, to Leaders and Managers, such skills for being Effective Coaches.

Executive Team Coaching -The Iceberg Theory

Description: Executive Team Coaching, which mainly is using the tool of Iceberg Theory in Practice, is about Tracing the real problems, hidden under the "Iceberg" and introducing such changes in all Business Functions, for Business to perform at a higher level and continua's growth.

Creativity & Innovation Leadership

Description: This workshop is packed with the most up to date proven and practical techniques on how a leader or manager may unleash his creative and innovative potential. Each technique taught, is highly practical and brings in real results .It aims to enhance dramatically, his personal creativity and innovative thinking, as Leader, Manager and or as Professional of any level of responsibility.

Effective Leadership

Description: The quest to understand the competences of leadership has been long and confusing one .Since modern research into leadership began the key questions have remain much the same: Who becomes a leader?-How do leaders differ from other people?-What do leaders do that is different from other people?