Business Coaching Workshops for Better Planning & Results

You may Choose from 12 Mini Business Coaching Workshops , for a unique learning and immediate action outcome in :

Business Planning,

Motivation & Empowerment,

Time Management, Leadership and Innovation,

Marketing  Strategy and Goal Setting,

Finding Solutions to Problems and Maximizing Opportunities.

Planet Interactive Consultants & George A Demetriades designed these workshops, to bring new learning techniques that enhance attendees performance at workplace.

Participants: Leaders and managers, senior and junior officers at groups of any number. Methods of Teaching: Interactive, creative, Vibrant ,Brainstorming, for immediate results and solid learning outcome.


Duration: 3-4 Hours each workshop session-Where needed the workshops can be designed as one or two days In-House Seminars adjusted to the specific needs of the Organization
Contact for appointment: [email protected] /T+357 22460622 M+99 475620