Time Management & Mind Mapping Workshop for Personal Efficiency & Creativity

A Business Coaching Workshop for Better Planning &Results and for a Unique Learning and Immediate Action Outcome in Time Management.        Planet Interactive Consultants and George Demetriades CMC,designed this workshop, to bring new learning techniques, that will enhance attendees performance at workplace.

This is the one, of the 12 Mini Business Coaching Workshops in the fields of Business Planning,Motivation &Empowerment, Leadership and Innovation, Stress Management ,Marketing Strategy and Goal Setting,Finding Solutions to Problems and Maximizing Opportunities


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Why this Workshop: Mind Mapping is a tool of Time Management, for recording thinks in a mindful, visual way. It helps organize thoughts ,ideas, time  and actions  and is a formidable  tool for generating new ideas.

Expected Outcomes.This workshop will provide delegates the opportunity:  – To manage their time productively -To learn how to focus at the age of distraction-To set priorities and to delegate effectively-To avoid Interruptions-To be able to take digital technology detox-To be able to take time to reflect and review -To be able to create rituals/habits -To be able to focus on key targets-Learn to use Mind Mapping for creativity ,organization and learning.

Time Management & Mind Mapping Workshop for Personal Efficiency & Creativity

Contents of the Workshop:

  • The nature of time and the results and indication of the bad Time Management.
  • Methods of Time Management Improvement
  • Setting Goals and Targets .The art of delegation
  • The Daily ,weekly, Monthly &Yearly activated programs
  • The time consuming factors -Procrastination-Lack of Interest -Stress
  • How to Focus at the Age of Distraction Mind Map
  • The 10 commandments of Effective Time Management.

Who will Attend : Managers ,Departmental Heads, Senior and Junior Staff of all levels of responsibilities

Methods of Training: Highly Interactive with the use of Mind Mapping & Brainstorming techniques and tools. Duration: 3-4 Hours each workshop session.Where needed the workshop can be designed as one day In -House Seminar.                                                                                                    


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